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NBA Basketball Brackets

Betting on Basketball at this point of the season is the best time ever. Why you might ask? All 16 teams are trying to win the NBA title, an Underdog might not be as big a dog you think, heart and soul are put into every game at this point. It's hot action when it comes to the NBA playoffs.

Now the NBA season is almost over is time to start looking for your NBA Playoffs Brackets.


NBA Basketball Brackets


Each year, the 16 teams with the best record compiled over the course of an 82-game regular season compete against each other in a tournament to determine the NBA’s champion.

The first round is a best of 5 series while the other 3 are best of 7. Every team that makes the playoffs has an equal chance at winning the title.

Basketball bettors have lots to look forward to this post-season. Our recommended sportsbooks offer Live Odds, Totals and Moneyline, as well as First Half and Second Half betting lines.

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