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The NBA finals in the past years





2012-13 Miami Heat San Antonio Spurs 4-3
2011-12 Miami Heat Oklahoma City 4-2
2010-11 Dallas Mavericks Miami Heat 4-2
2009-10 Los Angeles Lakers Boston Celtics 4-3
2008-09 Los Angeles Lakers Orlando Magic 4-1
2007-08 Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers 4-2
2006-07 San Antonio Spurs Cleveland Cavaliers 4-0
2005-06 Miami Heat Dallas Mavericks 4-2
2004-05 San Antonio Spurs Detroit Pistons 4-3
2003-04 Detroit Pistons Los Angeles Lakers 4-1
2002-03 San Antonio Spurs New Jersey Nets 4-2
2001-02 Los Angeles Lakers New Jersey Nets 4-0
2000-01 Los Angeles Lakers Philadelphia 76ers 4-1
1999-00 Los Angeles Lakers Indiana Pacers 4-2
1998-99 San Antonio Spurs New York Knicks 4-1
1997-98 Chicago Bulls Utah Jazz 4-2
1996-97 Chicago Bulls Utah Jazz 4-2
1995-96 Chicago Bulls Seattle SuperSonics 4-2

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